I sit in an air conditioned office with an oscillating vent
I haven’t walked through the fog of war but I can smell the stench
Toxic gases and burning flesh as the smoke flows over our walls
It creeps by us unnoticed between the fast food and cellular calls
It brings explosive droplets of reality that scare and shake our frames
Yet we press on, like clouds of calm, building friendships through last names
We take orders written by those that we have never met
In uniforms designed by those that have never sweat
Here to battle an enemy we still don’t completely understand
So we inject the stars and stripes and snort the desert sands
People adorning camouflage put that same pattern over history
Giving tours of stolen palaces that once celebrated foreign victories
As the endangered Blackhawks rip through these innocent skies
And Humvees enter the veins to subdue Iraqi pride 
The glowing ball of amber beams as brightly as it can
Attempting to iron out the wrinkles from this discourse of man