There’s a dried up tissue… 
On the floor near the corner of my mattress
I sleep deep within the sheets of my atlas
I search the earth for the words to describe my sadness
But in the end of my queries they all seem tactless
My inner only child… describes a Cat who is Hat-less
Those kicked in doors of opportunity had latches
My future… is distracted by my past actions
It’s the end of my World Girl Series but I never went to practice
I invested all my emotional golden eggs in one basket
I tried to look on the bright side with sunny side up 
But only heart break hatches
Forget the tip-toeing, I’m stompin on eggshells 
Don’t give a shit what happens
My heart’s on a string 
And only malicious, vindictive parasitic shit attaches
We swam in a lake of fluorescence 
And now we’re scrubbin off the blackness
Reality pulled pedals off our rose colored glasses
School was out for summer but we never went to classes
We smoked cigarettes in the bathroom and made love in the ashes
Have you ever had a love so strong you’d slay any man that passes
Just to see her again…
To put gauze on your palms and blood soaked fists that are calloused
It’s a frustrating feeling like a Ferrari in traffic
Like you can only afford a wooden sword 
But flesh only bleeds with metallic
My skeletons broke out of the closet and now are singing in the attic
I used to sing along when my voice was strong, in my home alone
Where all my bedrooms are padded


But it’s impossible for a man to exist with all this compact emotion
Especially when she’s your Emmy 
Holding your world up without motion
My voice excretes the scenes that keep 
Amorous partners forever devoted
My syllables of amorosity guide seafaring lovers to open ocean
If this love is truly dead then put two pennies on my eyes to pay the boatman
Because that’s the only two cents I can handle before I start cuttin throats and
The next time I see her we’ll make love music 
With lips locked and legs woven
I’ll conduct her delicate symphony 
Until Mozart awakes and asks what I’m composing
Ricocheting off our hearts and minds 
We’ll play till every single string is broken
When these melodies bless heaven and earth 
The gods will ask what chord I’m holdin 
I’m knock, knock, knockin on heaven’s door 
And I’m waitin for heaven’s legs to open
They say lover means love is over
I disagree that’s not my notion
Because this love is a sleeping beast 
That we both have unexpectedly awoken
They say you only feel and see the beast you feed 
And I still have groceries yet to open
My blood is nitrogen, her existence glycerin 
And my heart feels every explosion
This masculine piece of drift wood 
Found a new passionate current to float in
Many men plant their seeds in relationships 
Wrought with destructive erosion
Like steaks fresh off the cow 
That will find any marinade left to soak in
Many men “holler at bitches” but have yet to talk to a woman
Many men “fuck bitches” but have yet to make love to a woman
Many men call women bitches as if they enjoy that ignorant sound
They need to reeducate yourself 
She’s a Woman, capital W; Proper noun