Sometimes life's a vice and god seems like he's Joe Pesci
And sometimes your soul is sneezing but there's no one their to bless thee
Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and you wonder what would be the best thing?
To wake up and find solutions and give up and continue resting
The camel's back is broken so you use the straws to sip his poison
You reminisce of careless days with cartoons... but you were just a boy then
You remember the days when waking up was not a chore
And calculate the possibilities if there's really anything more
You wonder how your family is... mom's just a voice away
As you pack your bags for heaven in hopes to stifle all the pain
Your carpet soaked in brush strokes of vomit sweat and anger
When you tried to divide your life with pills to see if you'd be the remainder 
You tried to board the train of life but you overslept and missed it
The morning a broken man tried to take his own existence

Every night you wept tears acid but no one noticed the corrosion
or the blasts of shrapnel from when your heart began exploding
All the forks in the road but all you wanted was a knife
Or a spoon to cook your demons and free base them down your wind pipe 
The morning you cut in line for an express ticket to your creator
You ripped apart the stairs to heaven and installed an escalator
You pawned off your innocents and deep fried your magic beans
Life flashed like deja vu as you deposited all your dreams
But the bank teller is closed now and you've written your last check
A dark robed man, holds out his ravaged hand and says,
"I don't believe we've met..."

Door cracked, in crept the light
The sirens: flashes blue and white
All your saviors you tried to fight
But god turned on his brights
And you going to live to see tonight
The doctors pump the demons from your stomache
In a well of depression; can’t see above it
When life brings hurdles you must learn to jump it
You saw black sails and chose to jump ship
Selfishness gave in, you hit eject… like you were nothing


From your family, your friends, loving strangers to those existing unaware
To all the sleepless nights, worries, warm thoughts and loving prayers
We council, plead and beg you and we feel our offer's fair
Remove that escalator and promise to reinstall the stairs
Because to muzzle all your torments doesn't stop the world from spinnin
Your treated your troubles like a grenade but you refused to keep the pin in
You transcend from an angel to demon and plague all the people that made you
Leave them with questions of, "Why?" and "What didn't I do to save you?"
The realization smacks and beats your family and they plead,
"What did my little boy do?"
The depression becomes hereditary and they might just think to join you

Again...We council, plead and beg you and we feel our offer's fair
Remove that escalator and install those fuckin stairs
Remove that escalator and install those fuckin stairs
Don’t you dare try to tell me that there’s no one here that cares
Or that all your tirades will fall upon deaf ears
Cause you have my attention and I don’t even know your middle name
Nor your home town that now symbolizes your life with rain
I watch you sleep now, I watch you sleep in invisible chains
Your mental foundation has weakened; you must rebuild it while in restraints
I hope that when the smoke clears from this death you’re soon to rise
Not many have walked within your shoes, but some might fit your size
I hope when this is over you’ll bare a complimenting smile
Reflect on your mistakes and replace your painted carpet with tile
Piece your life together and realize what you’ve done
Learn to jump those hurdles, throw grenades and replace your pain with fun
And always put your faith in those you truly love
Don’t waste your breath on gratitude…
To all those that rescued you… 
They just answered a call from the landlord above

He said don’t worry about the rent this month
The skin suit’s free
I’m glad your still with them
Because it’s not your time to be with me…