It’s important to keep your chin up, but there are times to let it down
You’re always reaching for the stars and you forget about the ground
Wherever you tread you leave an impact on any person you’re around
Like a meteor that leaves the cosmos to make a scratch of light beyond the clouds
Invincibility is not a word that should define your whole existence
Even Achilles had his flaws and he was a work of fiction
You will always embody strength but must embrace it within reason
Even though the sun shares its bed with the summer
It must divide its time with all the seasons

Just breathe…
Inhale all your thoughts and fears that have potential to overwhelm you
Let your blood briefly taste this negative wind that inversely acts to propel you
Let this sustainable system digest this smog till it forms a cooling mist
And your exhalation arouses icicles and leaves a morning dew upon your lips
Once upon a dream I was met by a million beams of light


We spoke of photosynthesis and I thanked them
For the warmth and light they all provide
They said their lives are always so fast paced 
And they wish they could slow it down
They travel far too quick around this planet earth
And they envied the speed of sound

You too need to follow this ideal that our motivation is controlled from within
Just the way our muscles gain strength and mass but never break through the skin
We are all encapsulated within the confines that reality has predetermined
And not always flexing your daily threshold doesn’t make you any less of a woman
Because if your teardrops were made of sugar 
Then our bodies would never need to release them
This chemical change would shake the entire world 
And our lives could get never much sweeter
It’s the rise and fall of the emotional grid that makes us who we are
Human beings always reaching for the moon with a pocket full of stars…