As Apoca’s being eclipsed and Arma’s getting done
I brush my teeth with spring water because I’ve got spoiled gums
In this memory foam suburbia instead of spring coiled slums
And our ambassadors still march to the beat of our empty oil drums
We ignore Apollo and worship out new fluorescent suns
As mother nature’s hymen has abruptly come undone
As we burrow for her black blood that will barely feed our young
Ravage her fertile don’t recognize the womb from which we sprung

We’re past 2000 Double ‘O’ seven and the world’s still not enough
I sleep in a world of brilliance but wake up in one corrupt
Nature calls us to the reunion since we seldom keep in touch
But the 400 horsepower of the apocalypse drives us out of town too much
Lady Justice has gold bars in her purse that throw her dance routine off balance
While political pundits play our heart strings acoustic with sharpened talons
We ignore the troubles, pick our poison and drink entertainment by the gallon
A generation of gold-medal recipients who’ve been convinced they have no talent

The ocean chips away at our homes; the lesson’s become apparent
We’ve always raged against the machine but lack the manual to repair it
Cavemen came from fire as our species made advancements
From the seeds of humanity we now dangle on the technological branches
The lumberjack approaches to question our innovation
Our technology is now considered to be an infinite implementation
Yet energy is a short-term privilege but a long-term mental manifestation
How long can we self-indulge before our conscience returns from its vacation?


My skins walks in ignorance; my brain floats in Y2K basements
Next to cans of SPAM and many dehydrated faces
I dwell below ground and wonder what chaos exists above
But throughout humanity’s inferno I find the fireflies of love
Post-it notes of knowledge from those that seem to speak in tongues
Breathes of mountain air within smoke infested lungs
Blooming dandelions within the barrels of our guns
Sobriety aboard a ship with a thousand aimless drunks
On a voyage with Captain Morgan but I don’t drink his fuckin rum
Our origin is futile, our destination is where were run
But how do we know where we’re sailing if we don’t know where we’re from?
The world is wrapped in madness but our birthdays never come
We party like alkaseltzer and ignore the effervescent scum
Our great grandchildren will pay the penalty for pre-degenerations of careless fun

The book of Sega Genesis gives humanity the controller
To turn all species into hors d'oeuvres and mountains into boulders
So I swallow time capsules to digest the mentality of the ages
But just like Super Mario ignorance can only exist in stages
The double feature has been over for years; we’re lucky the credits keep on playin
Homo sapiens throw a fist if you realize what I’m saying
I’m no Nostra-Muhatma-Ghandus but I have a message worth conveying
I don’t know God’s e-mail address so for now I’ll just keep praying
I hope Apollo can forgive us for worshiping these petty incandescent suns
As Apoca’s being eclipsed and Arma’s getting done